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Yes this blog is still alive! Sorry it’s been a mad house for the last couple weeks or so but I have been out and about a couple times and hope to blog about them when I’ve got a moment! On the weekend, Karen took me to a secret garden for lunch. Wow yes, the place is actually called The Secret Garden Cafe (South Perth). You’ll know why when you actually go. It’s not just a fancy name – they’ve really tried to create a secret garden theme in the back part of the cafe. Looked small from the outside, but as you walk around to the side, it leads you to the “secret garden”, which then opens up into a backyard-like area with several tables spread across. I know I usually start off with the food but this time I gotta show the place, only because it was a bit more exciting than your usual walk-in cafe, find a seat next to the wall and eat your meal while people line up next to your table ordering their food.

This is the outside of the cafe. Looks like any ordinary cafe but wait..there’s more!

Actually the cafe is directly attached to a small garden shop, which sells little bits and pieces for your garden such as gnomes, owls and other pretty, shiny tinsel stuff. In the back of this shop is a nursery which sells random plants, but there’s a large variety and it extends/connects to the Secret Garden Cafe, which makes it even bigger!

Alrighty lets head inside now…

Sorry, I forgot to warn this blog will have more pictures than normal! That third pic with the tree trunk in the middle was a bit of a fail by me sorry. My lens wasn’t wide enough to show how fairly spacious the place was. We sat near the back corner. Place is covered with shady trees so most of the tables will have leaves on them that have fallen off the trees. I think it suits the place well so don’t go complaining that your table is dirty! When you order your meals, you need to go up to the front of the cafe like a typical bar/grill.

We made sure we ordered different dishes, which wasn’t too hard as I just chose the chicken dish, since Karen doesn’t eat chicken. Long story…Ask her if you bump into her one day, just know, that it has been over a year now that she has stopped! Worst thing about it is that she makes the best chicken pot pies! Nooo :(

All orders come with a serving of chips and salad. Our orders came out in about 10 minutes! Real fast service and the place was semi-full, which was impressive (that pic above may look empty but I was waiting for the people to leave hehe). Karen ordered a quiche and iced coffee and I ordered the cajun chicken with a hot chocolate (it was a cold day I dunno what Karen was thinking…).

We’ve eaten a lot of quiches in our time and the most common problem is that it is either too wet or too dry/burnt. The quiche was a bacon, spinach, tomato and feta if I remember correctly. It was great! I thought it was just right in moisture..mmm moist. Plenty of flavour in it but we’ve got a habit of  eating our quiche with tomato sauce. The quiche came with chips, salad and random chopped up cabbages, which we thought didn’t go too well with the dish, especially with presentation. We were thinking that maybe they just grabbed whatever was left on the kitchen bench and accidentally picked up strips of cabbage and placed it on the plate! I’m sure they didn’t (well I hope not) but the salad was dressed with a French/Italian dressing, which was yum! Often we go to other places where the salad is plain and bitter. Karen gave a big thumbs up to the iced coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but she said the picture explains it, so I guess you guys can figure it out yourselves! (:

There were about 3 or 4 chicken dishes – I couldn’t remember specifically but they sure did have a fair variety of dishes. Here’s my cajun chicken and hot chocolate…

Yum the cajun chicken was just right in the amount of spices. It actually had some spiciness to it in fact! Serving was generous, two pieces of cajun breast chicken, salad and chips. Oh yeah, the chips were really good! (but nothing beats Jester’s Pie’s freshly cooked chips!!). I wish they gave more but I suppose it’s hard when they serve EVERYONE chips with regardless of what they order. Maybe they have one person in the kitchen just cooking chips all day long. I wouldn’t mind doing that job.

The chicken held up well with its taste and was slightly tender to begin with, but as it got colder it got a bit dry and tough, which I suppose can be common with pan fried chicken. Instead of random strips of cabbage like Karen’s dish, I got spinach! I felt like mum had cooked some veges and dumped it on my plate and said <add Asian accent> “eat more veges, your dish not enough!!” No complaints there, the spinach surprisingly went well with the chicken! – Or maybe I was just hungry? I also got a spoon serve of mash potato too, which was great in texture and taste. The hot chocolate, hmm, well it kept me warm (:

So that’s it! My first Secret Garden experience, thanks to Karen for coming up with the idea. I would come back here no doubt if I’m in the area. Fairly quiet area and it’s around the corner from the Perth Zoo. Leave the kids there and walk down a few hundred meters and you’re here (: Dishes are fairly priced, our total bill came to about $40ish. Service was very prompt! Just how I like it!

Finding places to go to can be a bit hard. If you guys have any suggestions that we should check out, or even if you’d like to come out with us too if you don’t mind me lugging my camera around and being annoying while you eat, leave a comment below! Cheers big ears..Peace

Where can I find The Secret Garden Cafe in South Perth?

64 Angela Street
South Perth, WA
Ph: (08) 9361 9877

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Sat & Sun: 7:30am to 5:00pm

Click here to view a map of the location.

by the wei…

Sleep ’til you’re hungry, eat ’til you’re sleepy.  ~Author Unknown

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